DukeEngage Directors

Liz ProfName: Liz Starke

Hometown: Muskegon, MI à Portland, OR

Major/Field of study: Higher Education

Year: Graduate Student

Environmental Interests: I’m interested in (and by that I mean horrified by) many different issues of environmental injustice like tar sands and fracking, but spend more of my time thinking about points of disruption of the status quo and tools for collective, grassroots power building

Favorite Place in the U.S.: Belgrade Lakes, ME. It’s a tiny town in the middle of nowhere Maine in which my family is lucky enough to have a small cottage on a small lake that’s been passed down for about 5 generations now. I also really love being on the shores of Lake Michigan. Lakes are a big part of my life and identity.

Favorite Book: Books have always been my best friends, so this is a tough question for me. I don’t want to betray anyone. So my favorite book that I’ve read this year is Shantaram by Gregory Roberts.  

Favorite Quote: “I’ve forgotten every quote I’ve ever read” – Me

Community Partner/Position: DukeEngage Site Coordinator

Daniel Ahlquist ProfName: Daniel Ahlquist

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Major/Field of study: My PhD is in Development Sociology from Cornell

Environmental Interests: Agriculture & Food Systems, Conservation, Synthetic Biology, Environmental Justice

Favorite Place in the U.S.: Montana seems to have cast its spell on me, though Portland is pretty great, too. But put me in a garden just about anywhere and I’ll be happy.

Favorite Book: Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Favorite Quote:  

My son (Age 3) : “In my dreams, can I climb up to the moon?”

Me: “Sure, buddy. You can go anywhere in your dreams.”

My son: “Do you wanna come with me?”

Community Partner/Position: DukeEngage Portland Program Director